• Communications Strategy

    Successful communication is the backbone to any thriving organisation or business.
  • Integrated Marketing

    From product to digital, the only working marketing strategy is cohesive and aligned with each function playing its part.
  • Content Strategy

    A successful content strategy communicates your organisation's story, value and purpose to your colleagues and customers.
About Me

About Me

Who I am.

Mathew Love

I’m a communications, marketing and content professional with more than 7 years’ experience in my field and currently completing my Masters in Organisational Communications. I strive to continuously challenge myself and test the perceived limits of creativity and innovation. Outside of reaching and surpassing my career ambitions, I have a passion for health and wellness, adventure, and supporting and backing those closest to me.

What I Do

Where I can make an impact.

Communications Strategy

Communications is often stripped down to the simple sharing of information between two or more individuals, groups or systems. However, when properly utilised—it can be the catalyst that energises a…

Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing is the combination and alignment of the organisation or brand's messaging, values and benefits through multiple channels that all work together to reinforce the business's strategy and goals.…

Content Strategy

The value of a solid content strategy has increased tenfold over the last decade. Content marketing, at its very core, is now less about what the business wants their customers…

My Skills

What I'm Good At

Internal Comms
Internal Comms
Content Strategy
Content Strategy
Product Marketing
Product Marketing
Cultural Comms
Cultural Comms
Web Management
Web Management
Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Want to know more about me?

Learn more about my career experience and education history.


What I'm proud of.

Influencer Marketing Campaign

The purpose of the influencer marketing campaign at Sage was to extend the reach and improve engagement for the business online—particularly social media. This was done by activating and empowering colleagues to share and engage with information about the business where possible. The result was an international reach improvement of over 600 percent, with annual impressions of 3.5 million.

Internal Communications Channel

The internal communications channel I established at Sage is in the form of an Intranet site which includes updates, news, insights and blogs from colleagues around the world. I am also responsible for gathering and collating this information. The site helps to empower 400 colleagues (monthly average) with relevant and up-to-date information on the product marketing function at Sage.

International Content Management

Besides being a published author on the award winning Sage Advice blogs around the world, I also manage a customer-facing Sage website that receives around 100 000 visitors on a monthly basis. I often create videos, blogs, Infographics, images and social media content that is shared and used in international marketing campaigns to promote the business and its products. 

Go To Market Strategy

The go-to-market (GTM) strategy for software begins from the moment a product is conceptualised with the product marketer's role being vital. I'm proud to be part of the process of delivering and managing the release of a global product (used by thousands of people) to the market and ensuring that its value is optimally defined, communicated and measured. 

A few things I've done.

These are a few of my proudest professional accomplishments and the most defining roles I've held thus far in my career as a communications, marketing and content professional. It's important to note that none of this would've been possible without the collaboration and teamwork it requires to reach and exceed on my goals.

Contact Me

Contact Me

Reach out to me if you'd like to talk about communications, marketing and content strategy. I'm happy to discuss your organisation's current plan or what it would take to make your business more successful with a little more focus in the most impactful areas.

Mathew Love

Old New Germany

Westville, Durban

South Africa

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