A cohesive brand starts with an effective communication strategy

Communications is often stripped down to the simple sharing of information between two or more individuals, groups or systems. However, when properly utilised—an effective communication strategy can be the catalyst that energises a business or organisation into a thriving community of success-seeking individuals.

This is something I’ve come to realise in almost a decade of grappling with communications and how it affects the world around us and the organisations that we’re part of. Whether it was amid the loud, clanging warehouse of a metal factory, the sweet, soothing tones of a music shop, or the exciting, busy and challenging financial year of a multinational organisation—communication has held its golden weight of importance throughout my career.

Being part of a large, multi-national organisation, and in many cases—a small or medium-sized business, means that there’s a whole orchestra of different departments that need to play the same tune, in the same key. From sales and support to research and development, to human resources, marketing and customer relations, each colleague within these functions need to be aligned and focused on the same message that the organisation wishes to present.

This is where it becomes difficult to break down silos and ensure that everyone is on the same page. Because of the pace of business today, it becomes rather tricky to look up every now and then and ensure that you’re informed about what’s going on in the business, including all that lifeblood internal communication that houses purposeful, goal-oriented and value driven information.

It’s therefore vital that each colleague in the business or organisation knows and understands what the business stands for, what it aims to achieve, and what it represents through an effective communication strategy. This not only ensures that internal stakeholders buy into the vision and purpose of the business, but that external stakeholders receive the same, cohesive brand and corporate message.