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Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working in a diverse field that has afforded me various opportunities and responsibilities that keep me engaged and excited about coming to work. I have also been empowered to continuously learn and adapt within the broad field of communications, marketing and content management. 

Working for a multinational organisation has allowed me to continuously grow and develop both personally and professionally—especially as I work across different cultures and cross-functional teams. The top three professional strengths I feel I have fostered most through this time include:

  • Creativity and Initiative
  • Relationship Building and Management
  • Resilience and Adaptability

Product Marketing
Social Media Management
Content Management
Marketing and Internal Communications


My Family

I love spending time with my close-knit family. We support each other and are always in one another’s corner—constantly cheering and sometimes providing back up as we navigate life.


Seeing the world and experiencing as much as life has to give is so important to me. I believe that the more you see and experience, the more you learn and grow.

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness is something that I’ve made a habit out of. I love being active and constantly challenge myself to push through any perceived limits—mentally and physically.


This may be cliché, but I thrive when I’m learning new things and investing my time in gaining knowledge. I will always be open to new information and valuable lessons.




Mat is hard-working, reliable and innovative. He has taken our content and marketing to the next level while working closely with teams across the globe to gain exposure and recognition for our team.

Bronwyn Dorrofield
Direct Manager @ Sage

Mat’s campaigns and promotional materials are always interesting, thought provoking and current. I would recommend him in any related role.

Jeff Ryan
Project Manager @ Sage

We believe it is crucial to get Mathew’s fresh perspective on Fortune 500 companies’ campaigns we evaluate. He goes the extra mile at times, giving world class insights.

Remon Geyser
Founder @ Delvve.io

It’s essential to continuously engage online with customers and key stakeholders at Sage. Mathew does an exceptional job to ensure this happens on a consistent basis.

Charles Teversham
Managing Director @ Sage

Mathew has been a vital cog in the growth of our marketing capabilities, especially with promoting our business across various digital platforms.

Broughton Amiss
Owner @ BAC


Wayne's World Maintenance

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Broughton Amiss Consulting

Broughton Amiss Consulting

Broughton Amiss Consulting

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