Testing your new offering with external product feedback is vital

Great product feedback no longer solely exists within the organisation or business where the product or service is conceived, developed and produced. It’s also available through expert views, perceptions and opinions outside of the business—and could have an evolutionary impact in the way the product is designed or delivered.

Business owners and creators alike are often misled into believing that coming up with the next big idea for a product or service offering is the hard part. However, while it may be a great start, it’s only about 20 percent of the work done. Where does the other 80 percent fit in, one may ask? Well, it’s about nurturing that concept and ensuring that it grows up to become the problem solver you’d hoped for. It’s about asking questions and getting the appropriate product feedback needed to guide this big idea towards its realisation and a purposeful outcome.

If you don’t nail down the exact problem you’re trying to solve by producing and working on this product or service, then you may as well take any route or use any old method possible to get there. The issue here is that you end up wasting time going through a laborious trial and error process.

By reaching out and asking for external feedback on your proposed product or service, you’re also nailing down the specific problem you want to solve. This ultimately gives you a clearer indication of what you need to do to solve it, as well as potentially offering specific routes on how to realise this solution.

It’s vital to ensure that any new product or service is set up to succeed and make it in the ever-competitive marketplace. However, not many people adopt the necessary product feedback initiatives and questioning processes required to make this happen. Make sure that you’re equipped for the optimum realisation of your next product or service with a solid foundation built on information and knowledge gained from asking the right questions.