The value of an effective social media presence

In today’s high-paced business environment filled with competition and frailing consumer loyalty, it’s almost impossible to get by without some form of presence online or on social media. In fact, having little to no presence in at least the top four social feeds (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram) can be detrimental to a brand or business—as more and more companies fall victim to the easily available options their customers have to choose from, literally at their fingertips.

Ensuring that your brand is front and center is extremely difficult, and can be a laborious task as your customers scroll through their over 30 available social media feeds (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, Snapchat and Pinterest, to name a few). However, some effort or investment is required if you want compete in the market and ensure that your brand and business becomes a credible option to an increasing number of consumers who highly value an online presence from the brand with which they associate.

So, what does an effective social media presence look like? Well, for starters, it means actually having an account for your brand or business on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and maybe even Instagram. It means ensuring that these accounts are set up properly, with your appropriate branding and business message, as well as descriptive biographies and links to your website and other social media accounts.

It also means regularly posting and engaging with your audiences as they ask questions or make comments about or to your brand or business as they attempt to establish that online relationship. It’s far too easy for your brand or business to fade into the background of the many online influencers and social-savvy businesses, especially if you’re not in touch with your audience and have dropped the ball on what it means to be fully present online.